Kennel "vom Drosselbart" Bio Miniature Schnauzer
Internationaler Rassehunde-Verband

Miniature Schnauzer -black & black and silver-

We are taking a break and keep you up to date about our next puppies.

Located in North Frisia, a region in Northern Germany, close to the danish border and city of Büsum, we have been breeding Miniature Schnauzers (black and black and silver) for almost 15 years.

Since registered dog breeding is suffering more and more from inbreeding, we have decided to carefully choose our stud dogs to counteract such abberation. We would rather take over our responsibility for the future and raise healthy, resistant and long-living Miniature Schnauzers.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us:

+49 4834 9846105